Hamster Cam Is Online

Watching hamsters live online can be addictive!

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The four hamsters at the breeder before they left to join the Blesk offices. Via Křečkovi/Facebook

It’s a moment hamster lovers have waited for without knowing it. A hamster cam has arrived! Guinea pig cams, rabbit cams and black-footed ferret cams hit the Internet years ago, but this is the first I’ve heard of a hamster cam (if anyone knows of other hamster cams, please comment!).

This hamster cam follows the lives of four female dwarf hamsters living in the offices of a Czech Republic tabloid named Blesk. The live streaming began on January 5, 2016, and Blesk writes that it is a reality show of rodent life.

An article about the launch of the hamster cam notes that the names of the four hamsters were chosen by a contest. Those names are, according to a Google translation: Halina, Cathy, Drahuska and Snow White. More than 1,500 people voted. Halina is named after a writer, Cathy after an actress and the other two were named for their color. Drahuska has a sapphire color and Snow White is nearly white.

The hamsters are Winter White dwarfs, a breed that can change from a brown color to almost white during winter months. Dwarf hamsters can live in groups if they get along, but the larger Syrian species must live alone or they will fight and could injure each other, or worse.

Hamsters are usually most active around dawn and dusk or during the night. The time zone they live in is six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, so keep that in mind when you view. This species of hamster typically lives about 1.5 to 2 years.

I find myself staring at the cam to detect movement. So far, I haven’t caught the hamsters being very active, but I’ll keep trying! Blesk also has a Facebook page devoted to the hamsters, and has posted some videos when the hamsters were more active.

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