Hamilton the Hipster Cat Gets Help

The famous gray cat with the white moustache falls ill, and the internet comes to his aid.

Internet cat celebrity Hamilton the Hipster Cat, the star of Animalist’s
“Before It Was Cool with Hamilton the Hipster Cat,” was diagnosed with a congenital hip defect after being rushed to a Bay Area vet hospital three weeks in terrible pain. He required expensive, but urgent, surgery.

Hamilton’s fans and followers quickly responded by raising more than $6,000 for the cost of the emergency surgery. Along with the money, thousands of those who love Hamilton left considerate messages of support and encouragement across all of Hamilton’s social media sites. He is now healing well, and even walking around.

Hamilton is so thankful for the extended gratitude from everyone that he started showing his recovery updates on his Facebook page. He is also sending out the gifts to those fans who donated. Click here to donate to Hamilton’s surgery fund. Available gifts include a handwritten thank you card (Hamilton gave Jaw Stowe, his pet parent, permission to write for him), signed photo, signed calendar, T-shirt and a part in an Instagram thank you collage.

Stowe and Hamilton spend their time leading their campaign to support pet adoption by raising money, food and litter donations. Thanks to those who’ve been a part of their community, he was helped right back. Stowe came to the difficult decision to reach out for monetary and/or emotional support, and it was a great decision, because the people came through.

Hamilton the Hipster Cat blogs on all things trendy, new and cool. He talks about everything from Owl Cafes in Japan to Yiking in Oakland, Calif. Each 1- to 3-minute video includes his responses to fans’ tweets and Facebook questions.

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