Halloween Safety Tips from the Cat Sitter

CatChannel expert Jeanne Adlon, professional cat sitter, tells a reader how to create a cat-safe Halloween experience.

Q: Any tips for making sure my cat has a safe Halloween?

J: Yes! My No. 1 tip is please do not let your cats outdoors any time over Halloween weekend or especially the day itself — particularly if you have a black cat. The prejudice against black cats is an old and unfair one. The color of a cat’s coat has nothing to do with its personality. In fact the black cats I care for are very sweet. A client just adopted an all-black cat named Yanna who is adorable, smart and very loving. She has brought great joy into this person’s home.

I was recently talking with a woman from a local cat shelter who said they do not allow black cats to be adopted around Halloween. This is a wise policy even though black cats are generally overlooked in cat shelters.

To safeguard your cats during Halloween, please make sure they stay inside and away from the front door. As I often suggest, keep them in a separate room with the essentials — food, water, litter, toys — until the last Trick-or-Treater has left. If you have a party for children, again, please place your cat in another room. Also cats generally do not like to play dress-up so discourage your children from making a costume for yours.

Chocolate is toxic for cats, so keep all candy is out of reach. A few cat food treats after everything has quieted down is a nice way for you to reward your cat for changing her routine for ghosts and goblins! As always I welcome your comments and stories.

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