Halifax Cat Runs for Prime Minister of Canada

A little over a month into campaign season, cat Earl Grey’s signs are among the most visible in the Halifax area.

With political season officially underway, it seems only fitting that a feline should stick his paw into the action – and he is.

Meet Earl Grey, Halifax resident, leader of the Tuxedo Party of Canada, relative to the late Tuxedo Stan (who ran for Halifax mayor back in 2012, but passed away before the 2013 election), and political hopeful in the race to be Canada’s Prime Minister.

“Earl is Tuxedo Stan’s brother so we felt, like the Kennedys, we’d pass the reins of power on down to his brother,” campaign manager and retired veterinarian Hugh Chisholm told CTV Atlantic.

A one-time campaigner for Premier of Nova Scotia, Earl Grey has not allowed his past political failures to keep him from achieving his political aspirations. A little over a month into campaign season, Earl Grey’s signs are among the most visible in the Halifax area – along with his campaign bumper stickers, t-shirts, and buttons (all proceeds of which will be donated to spay and neuter feral cats throughout Halifax).

“We’re hoping to have election signs available in all provinces, hopefully even territories,” Chisholm said. “So this is truly going to be a national campaign.”

Though many feel that it is unlikely that Earl Grey will earn such a high-ranking title, Chisholm describes Earl Grey’s platform as being focused on raising awareness about animal cruelty – something he is able to do through his campaign alone.

“It’s a huge problem and unfortunately there’s no government agency that’s looking after it,” Chisholm said. “[Canada’s animal cruelty laws are] very archaic, there’s a lot of cruelty that goes on in this country that people basically walk away from.”

Chisholm feels that Earl Grey could institute some better laws, and greatly change the lives of animals should he win the election. Not being a fan of travel, however, would put the feline in a bit of a bind come discussion and voting time at Parliament, but Chisholm isn’t worried.

“Parliament will have to come to him.”

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