Half Terrier, Half Toy.

The Yorkshire Terrier looks small, but lives big.

When Kris, a 2-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, jumps off the couch, he doesn’t jump down. He flies. “He jumps out and away from the furniture, like he’s Superdog,” says Jan A. of Pennsylvania.

“He is such a little daredevil. He shakes his toys and growls. He loves to travel, go out for visits, jump into the car. He’s fearless and curious and rough-and-tumble.”

On the other hand, Kris practically lives in Jan’s lap. “I had heard the expression ‘lap dog’ before I got a Yorkie, but gosh, all I can say is it’s a good thing they don’t weigh very much,” Jan says.

That’s typical of the Yorkshire Terrier — part tiny toy dog with a penchant for lap-sitting, part fiery, tenacious terrier with the courage of a much larger dog. “They are toys because of their size. They are terriers because of their attitude,” says Robert O., secretary for the Yorkshire Terrier Club of America and a breeder in Kentucky.

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