Hagen Ships New Fluval Q Series Aquarium Pumps

Three aquarium air pump models available for tanks up to 160 gallons.

Hagen has released three new Fluval Q Series aquarium air pumps that deliver constant water motion to ensure healthy oxygen levels in your tank. Aquarium air pumps however can be noisy, and the company says the new pumps are designed to help reduce that noise.

According to the company, the pumps mitigate the noise issue with double walled construction, a noise suppressing baffle chamber and rubber feet that serve as shock absorbers to help deaden sound. In addition to reducing the sound of the pump, the rubber feet prevent the pump from moving or “walking” across the surface in which the pump is located.

Three Q series pumps are available from Fluval; the Q.5, for aquariums up to 190 L  or 50 U.S. gallons; the Q1, for aquariums up to 300 L  or 80 U.S. gallons; and the Q2, for aquariums up to 600 L or 160 U.S. gallons. All of the pumps work for both freshwater and saltwater applications.

The pumps are built around a unique swing-arm and diaphragm design that enables the device to produce consistent and reliable air flow, the company said. This makes the pumps ideal for such accessories as air stones, corner filters, undergravel filters and ornaments that need air. In addition, the air flow of the Q2 is adjustable so you can customize the airflow based on user needs. Pricing ranges from $28.99 to $48.99. Visit the Hagen website for more information.

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