Hagen Names Francis Yupangco Aquatic Development Manager

Yupangco is known for his work on Fish Tank Kings and Issham Aquatics International.

Rolf C. Hagen, known for its Fluval, Fluval Sea, Marina and AquaClear aquarium brands has appointed Francis Yupangco as the company’s aquatics development manager. Yupangco will oversee all aspects of the company’s aquarium products strategy, ranging from product development to promoting successful aquarium care at the customer level via instructional materials such as videos and blogs.

Yupangco was formerly with Living Color Aquariums and most recently served as the head marine biologist. He is also known for his work on the reality TV show Fish Tank Kings, Nat Geo Wild’s show that follows Living Color Aquariums as it builds out and stocks some of the most extreme and outrageous aquariums for a diverse and eclectic clientele.

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“This is an exciting opportunity,” Yupangco said in a statement. “The aquatic brands in our portfolio have always stood for quality; and the company’s commitment to advancing aquatic technology and responsible pet care is second to none, so I am very proud to be associated with Hagen. The recent launch of www.fluvalaquatics.com and Fluval’s social media initiatives is exciting. I will be able to really interact with our aquarium enthusiasts to discuss everything from fish breeding to LED Lighting and water quality. I look forward to simplifying aquarium keeping through innovation to make the hobby enjoyable and easy for everyone.”


Yupangco’s experience is wide ranging. He served as director of operations at Issham Aquatics International in Saudi Arabia, leading the operations of 30 facilities in four countries, including the Khalifa Park Maritime Museum, Prince Sultan Science and Technology Center and the Royal Palace Shark Encounter. He was also an aquarist and researcher for seven years at the Vancouver Aquarium.

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