Hagen Fluval G Filters Review

Hagen Fluval G Filters can provide filtration for any type of aquarium setup.

Every so often a new product arrives in the aquarium hobby that takes the technology to a new and higher level. The new Hagen Fluval G Filters are just such a product.

Hagel Fluval G

The Claims
The claims that Hagen makes for the Fluval G Filters are best summed up in some of the advertising blurbs from Hagen and from dealers. These include “the future of filtration,” “where design meets innovation” and “so revolutionary it is destined to change the way filters are designed.”

The Tests
To test the Hagen Fluval G Filters, I used the G3 (the smaller of the two) on a 29-gallon planted aquarium, and the G6 on a 50-gallon marine FOWLR (fish only with live rock) auarium, and then on a 120-gallon aquarium that has some Satanoperca jurupari and cory catfish.

The Results
In all of the applications where I tested the Fluval G Filters, they performed exceptionally well. To start with, there is absolutely no noise from the filter or even any vibration. The water quality in all the aquariums where I tested the filters was exceptional, especially the 29-gallon planted aquarium. The Fluval G Filters take care of all three aspects of filtration. Mechanical and chemical filtration maintenance is done with easily removable and cleaned cartridges. The Fluval Gs come with Hagen Fluval “G-nodes,” and you can also add any other media of your choosing. The media baskets provide an ample amount of space for the biological media where the bacteria of the nitrogen cycle can establish their colonies. It is also easy to utilize any other media.

One of the nicest features of the Fluval G Filters is that it is very easy to turn the filter off, throw a valve and remove the entire filter from the two hoses that carry water to and from the aquariums, with absolutely no water spillage. The way that Hagen has designed the Fluval G Filters is such that it is only possible to assemble it in the correct way. For the hoses, cartridges, filter body — every aspect of the filter — there is one and only one correct way to hook them up.

But this beautiful piece of machinery is not just a filter. With the “Hyrotech Performance Monitor,” the Fluval G Filters allow the hobbyist to monitor a number of important factors having to do with the filtration and operation of an aquarium — either freshwater or marine. The elegant display screen in the front of the filter monitors temperature, conductivity, salinity (if marine) and flow rate. It not only monitors these factors instantly, but it builds a chart for each, showing what the trend has been over time. This is one of the major breakthroughs of the Fluval G Filters.

Consistency is crucial for keeping fish, and these filters give the hobbyist the history of important variables, so the trends can be easily displayed. In addition, the Fluval G Filters allow the hobbyist to set minimum and maximum ranges for those variables, as well as to schedule chemical and biological filter maintenance. The Fluval G automatically tells the hobbyist how long it has been since each type of maintenance was done on the filter. In addition, “alerts” come up on the screen for air in the filter, low flow rate and any problems with the impeller, as well as if either temperature or conductivity are outside of the ranges set by the hobbyist.

To put it succinctly, the Hagen Fluval G Filters are, in fact, truly revolutionary. For serious hobbyists — especially marine tank and reefkeepers — the Fluval G Filters have to be on your wish list. In terms of new bells and whistles, the Fluval G Filters have plenty. And they also do their job exceptionally well.

Rolf C. Hagen, Inc.
Fluval G Filters


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