H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament Review

The H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament is an attractive aerating ornament for aquariums.

I don’t normally keep decorative ornaments in my own aquariums, but when I tested the new H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament, I thought it was very cool.

Hydor Volcano

Hydor’s only claims for the H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament are that it aerates the aquarium and that it is an attractive ornament.

The only “test” for this ornament is that I set it up in a freshwater fish aquarium, looked at it and asked some friends who were in my fish room if they liked it.

We all agreed that the H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament is an attractive ornament. The volcano itself looks as natural as a small plastic volcano can. The bubble stream that is produced is very fine, and in addition to looking good, the bubbles provide excellent aeration to the aquarium water. The volcano comes with a red LED, and there was the added benefit that with the red light I could observe the fish at night, as they do not see the red light.

Hydor’s H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament provides excellent aeration and is available in different colors. This ornament will do well in any fish aquarium.

Hydor USA
H2SHOW Light/Bubble Maker Ornament


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