?h yeah, forgot about the wings R

Ever notice the moments when your bird forgets that it’s a bird? Ollie sometimes forgets that he’s flighted. When he finds himself on the ground, it’s as if he saw an instructional video like the “Stop, Drop & Roll” fire drill one we grew up with, but his was “Stop, Wait & Look For Finger.” Cockatiel Gracie, on the other hand, seems to be keenly aware that he can take flight any time he wants to. He flies to the floor for a walk about and then lifts off and circles back to his cage. Ollie overlooks the fact that the floor can also be a runway … perhaps that’s why Ollie is so much easier to return to his cage.

Here’s a cute video of bird that also seems a little confused about its gift of flight, or perhaps he’s copying us humans to make us feel better about being grounded.. (My cockatiel would have been on the second floor in a flash!) Check it out here!

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