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Guy Uses New Puppy To Pull Off The Cutest Wedding Proposal Ever

This little chocolate brown dog gets even more adorable when there's a ring on her collar.

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"Is that a yes, or what?" Via Shelby Turner/YouTube

Gentlemen, if you’re planning to propose to your girlfriend, you need to think about how you’d like to pop that question, write it down and work through it… and then wad that sheet of paper into a tight ball and throw it in the nearest trashcan. This guy just pulled off the greatest — and cutest — surprise wedding proposal, all with the help of a new puppy.

In a YouTube video uploaded by the girlfriend he proposed to, Shelby Turner, Turner is overwhelmed when she finally receives the chocolate brown Labrador puppy she wanted, crying with happiness when she buries her face against the soft folds of her little neck.

You thought the puppy was a surprise? Just wait. Via Shelby Turner/YouTube

You thought the puppy was a surprise? Just wait. Via Shelby Turner/YouTube

She notices the pink bow tied around her neck and her orange collar (“Her collar’s supposed to be pink!” she says), and then her boyfriend tells her to read the dog’s name tag. That’s when things go off-the-charts adorable, and Turner starts crying even harder.

“Is that a yes or what?” he has to ask her.

Yes, pal. It’s a yes.

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