Guy Doesn’t Think It’s Unreasonable To Dress In Camo, Watch People Scoop Dog Poop

Andrew Hawes hides in the hedges, waiting to bust anyone who fails to clean up after their pet.

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I always feel like somebody's watching me. Via Andrew Hawes/Facebook

What would you do if you had ten days off from work? You could take advantage of the exchange rate and make that trip to Paris. You could finally stain the deck, repaint the living room and do all of those other projects you’d put off. Or you could dress in camouflage and stand outside all day, waiting to see which of your neighbors doesn’t pick up their dog’s poop.

Andrew Hawes has chosen the latter option and has plans to take more than a week off from his job as a truck driver so that he can identify and report anyone who doesn’t scoop their pet’s poop, BBC News reports.

Hawes, from Suffolk, England, has already spent either an impressive or an embarrassing amount of time hiding in the hedges, waiting for the opportunity to potentially shame his neighbors.

“If they don’t clear up after their dog, I’ll pop out of the hedge and say, ‘Excuse me, could you please clean up after your dog? You’re being filmed. If you clean up, the film will be deleted straight away. If not, you’ll be posted on my Facebook page for people to identify and then you’ll be reported to the police’ — as long as the person isn’t about 7 feet tall,” he told the BBC.

That’s right. Hawes posts photos of the Unscoopables on a Leiston Dog Mess Name & Shame Facebook page. He has also spraypainted the words “Clean It Up” on the pavement, because vandalism — even the temporary kind — seems like a reasonable response. Although Hawes has gained support from those who have heard of his campaign (including actor Hugh Grant), it still seems like maybe that trip to Paris would be a better use of his time.

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