Single Guy Dancing With Dog At A Party Is All Of Us

Dogs make much better dance partners anyway.

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No date? No problem. Via Jesuz__/Twitter
Chrissa Hardy

Being at a party with all couples can be a massive bummer for a single person, especially if there’s dancing. But as long as there’s a dog in attendance, you will never be lonely.

In a video posted to Twitter by @Jesuz_, a guy dances with a dog in his arms as a happy couple dances next to him.

Via The LAD Bible Oz/Facebook

“OK, yeah. You lead, human.” Via Jesuz__/Twitter

Who needs a date when there’s a dog, right? And if you’re an introvert, the company of a pet is much better than any human can provide, anyway.

Via The LAD Bible Oz/Facebook

“This will continue to go smoothly as long as you don’t try to dip me.” Via Jesuz__/Twitter

The best part about this video is how chill the dog is with the whole thing.

It’s almost as if this isn’t this dog’s first dance… makes you wonder.

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