Guinea Pigs That Spray

Is it normal for female guinea pigs to spray other guinea pigs?

Q: I have a female guinea pig (Gizmo) that just got introduced to a new cagemate, also female (Jinxie). And it seems whenever Gizmo just irritates the crap out of Jinxie, either when she’s eating or whatnot, Jinxie will “spray” her. Is this normal?
A: Guinea pig females can be very accurate squirt guns; unfortunately, for their companions. This is something they can perform at will, usually when irritated with males; but why not a bothersome female roommate? This is normal behavior for guinea pigs.

Female guinea pigs spray other guinea pigs when they are irritated. It usually is a well-aimed, short spurt. They also blow small puffs of air at others when they are irritated with them.

Bathing a guinea pig after it is sprayed may or may not be necessary. It depends on the level of irritation of the sprayer. Using a spray, nonwater shampoo and a paper towel can make clean up easy on both the owner and the guinea pig. Be careful of the eyes, nose and mouth of the guinea pig when using such a product. Placing the product on the paper towel and wiping off the spot will keep everyone fresh. There are also pet wipes that work well.

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