Guinea Pigs Show Off Power Munching Ability

When two guinea pigs start chewing on opposite ends of a long, thin veggie, a tug-of-war occurs. Who wins? Anyone watching this cute video!

two guinea pigs sharing veggie
Via Claire Blogga/YouTube  
Heading for a “Lady And The Tramp” moment!

That’s not what I expected at all! Ever have that feeling? That’s what happened to me when I watched this video titled “Guinea Pig Fight To The Death.” I never want to see any sort of fight to the death, so it was a pleasant surprise to see two guinea pigs sitting side-by-side munching down on a single, long piece of vegetable. In true “Lady And The Tramp” fashion, the inevitable happens and the fast-disappearing veggie causes them to touch noses as each seeks to devour the last morsel. It’s a much less romantic touching of noses than in the famous Disney movie. Each guinea pig is determined to eat the last bite, so a very brief tug-of-war occurs. I think it ended up being a pretty even split. 

Guinea pigs need to chew a lot to keep their ever-growing teeth worn down, and their main diet is hay with a bit of pelleted food, so vegetables are a treat, which is probably why the guinea pigs are showing such enjoyment. And this isn’t the first time (nor will it be the last) that we see pets doing this “trick.” We even got to see it in slow motion earlier this year.

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The best part of this video, though, is the attitude of the guinea pigs. They both casually and rapidly munched down their half of veggie, and when the tug-of-war occurred, no animosity seemed present. And after the veggie was gone? Both instantly go back to casual mode, happily sitting side-by-side and chewing up the last veggie bits they have in their mouth. If only all disagreements could be so calm and end so amicably.

Be sure to turn up the sound so you can hear the almost motorized munching from the guinea pigs!

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