Guinea Pigs Discuss The Pumpkin Spice Phenomenon

Pumpkin spice is now so pervasive, even pet guinea pigs are noticing its everywhereness, or so this video leads us to believe!

two guinea pigs sniffing
Via The Daily Share/YouTube  
Sniff, sniff. Can you smell a video screen?

When fall arrives, it’s time to experience leaf peeping, family gatherings and pumpkin spice. The flavor of the season pops up almost everywhere (although mainly in lattes), and now two guinea pigs weigh in about it. 

A video uploaded to YouTube yesterday by The Daily Share announces that it is “Fluff Episode 1,” and two guinea pigs are the stars. From arguing about how pumpkin tastes like nothing without cinnamon or nutmeg to the weirdness of the word pumpkin to whether a video screen can be smelled, the two guinea pigs are like an old-time comedy team playing off each other. 


Should we humans be worried that our pumpkin spice obsession has been noticed by another species? Is an intervention needed? Maybe not. After all, one guinea pig laments that one place where pumpkin spice is not found is in guinea pig food. Sounds like a bit of envy to me. It’s actually a good thing, too, as I’m sure cinnamon and nutmeg are not good for guinea pig digestion.

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If the voice of the guinea pigs sounds familiar, you are possibly recalling some of the Pets Add Life videos or Talking Animals videos with the voice (and comedy) talent of Andrew Grantham. He’s been making animals “talk” for years and bringing many laughs. I still chuckle about the turtle obsession revealed in the guinea pig interview and the existential thoughts of another guinea pig who ponders existence. Grantham uses animals other than guinea pigs in other videos, but guinea pigs do tend to make excellent video stars!

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