Guinea Pigs Aren’t Just For Kids

More and more adults are falling under the spell of the adorable, lap-sitting guinea pig.

Guinea Pigs Aren't Just For KidsWith their cuddly, compact bodies, adorable features and sweet temperaments, guinea pigs have enchanted people since their popularity as pets began in Europe around the 16th century. Long known as a child’s first pet, guinea pigs have also wiggled themselves into the hearts and homes of adult owners who are totally enthralled by them.

In the United States alone, more than one million families find delight in having guinea pigs, also known as cavies, as pets, and the number of adult-only ownership continues to grow. The late Peter Gurney, noted author and guinea pig rights and welfare advocate, described them as the most beautiful animals in the world. He was 48 years old himself when he acquired his first guinea pig. Why are guinea pigs so captivating? The reasons are endless! 

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