Guinea Pigs Answer Dinner Bell

This video shows a herd of guinea pigs impressively returning to their indoor habitat for dinner.

guinea pigs walking up ramp
Via @kairi1402/Twitter 
Come and get it!

Have you ever come running to a dinner bell? These 13 guinea pigs seem to be doing just that. What’s impressive is the orderly way that they walk single-file up a ramp, with some patiently waiting their turn at the base of the ramp. And all the while a bell is ringing. 

Also impressive is their size. I wonder if these are particularly large pet guinea pigs or if they are the wild cuy from South America from which domesticated guinea pigs originated. 

Twitter user @kairi1402 gave us these 20 seconds of cuteness, and their Twitter account is dominated by images and videos of zoo animals. Two favorites are ASO Farmland and Ueno Zoo (the oldest zoo in Japan). I’m not sure if either location was the scene of the guinea pig dinner bell video. I do know that it reminds me of the also-orderly transfer of guinea pigs between enclosures in the Nagasaki Bio Park.

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Maybe there’s a lesson that people can learn from guinea pigs about being calm when moving in a group. It seems like the best way for all to reach the destination without any problems.

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