Guinea Pig With Stray Hair On Eyelid

An extra-long hair from her eyelid is bothering a guinea pig.

guinea pig's eye with hair growth

Q: We were recently given a baby guinea pig. She was born about a month ago. When we got her, she had mites and was in bad shape. She got a shot for the mites and is doing great now with cage cleaning two times a day. The problem is a hair, kind of like an eyelash, that comes out from under her eyelid. It looks painful, like it has formed a cyst. See the picture. Do you have any thoughts about what this is and what to do to treat it? Thank you so much. We love our little baby and want her healthy and able to see!

A: Thank you for sending this picture. It was very helpful.

Likely, this is a very simple problem in your guinea pig that your veterinarian can help you with. This may be a hair follicle that has abnormally long hair growing out of it and removal of the follicle will be a permanent solution to these overgrown hairs.

If the hairs are just “plucked out” they could grow back, so your veterinarian might decide to destroy the hair follicle itself so hair does not grow back.

The hair growth may also be due to a cyst in the follicle or an infection in the follicle. In either situation, your veterinarian can treat both conditions.

Likely, your veterinarian will use magnifying instruments to tell which condition is present. Then, depending on the condition, your veterinarian may just pull out the hairs and direct you to use medication on the eye area or your vet may use an instrument like electrocautery to permanently destroy the follicle so no hair regrows.

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