Guinea Pig With Dry Skin

Is fish oil good for treating dry skin in guinea pigs?

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Healthy guinea pigs do not have dry or greasy skin.

Q: I have a guinea pig with very dry skin. I took her to the veterinarian and they said it was dry skin and to put fish oil on her. She has had this since I got her, but it’s just getting worse. Can I put fish oil on her? If not what can I do?

A: Guinea pigs should have skin that is neither dry nor greasy. If either condition exists, that would be considered an abnormal condition and the next step is to figure out the cause of these disorders. 

Fish oil is reported to have some great properties, and can be used as a supplement for the diet in many animals. Placed on the skin, fish oil may not have the same impact to improve the health of your guinea pig as giving it orally. 

The best person to advise you if fish oil is appropriate is the veterinarian who you have already seen. It may be that the condition has changed since you last brought your guinea pig to the veterinarian and, before starting treatment, it would be best to consult with him or her. Also, if the fish oil has not helped the condition, this will aid your veterinarian in making a diagnosis. 

At this point, you can rule out diseases that respond to the application of fish oil on the skin and move on to other possibilities.

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