Guinea Pig Playtime

Learn how guinea pigs play.

Guinea pigs love to play with each other and with toys. To encourage your guinea pigs to play with each other, give them out-of-cage time in a guinea pig-proofed room. Give them toys to play with and watch them chase each other and jump up in the air.

Favorite toys of guinea pigs include cardboard boxes, empty paper towel or toilet paper rolls, cat toys such as balls and stuffed socks, sections of PVC pipe, paper bags, straw baskets and commercial toys for small animals. Alternate your small pets’ toys to keep them from getting bored with current toys.

You should play with your guinea pig, too. This will encourage them to bond with you, and will be fun for you and your small pets. Lay down on the floor with each guinea pig and roll toys to it. Use treats to teach it to come to you when you call its name and to sit up and beg.

Spend time just quietly holding your small pet as well. Have your guinea pig sit in your lap while you are watching TV and let it fall asleep as you stroke its fur. These quiet times will do wonders to help you bond.

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