Guinea Pig Pignics Are Here To Stay

If you’re a fan of guinea pigs, nothing can be more fun than going to a guinea pig pignic.

guinea pig in exercise pen
Via Salem Pet Photo/Facebook 
Of course guinea pigs will eat at a pignic! This cutie was at the 2015 Boston Spring Pignic.

Summertime is the time for picnics, but for guinea pig enthusiasts, it’s also a time for PIGnics. Pignics are fun gatherings of people and guinea pigs. These are typically organized by a guinea pig rescue as a fundraiser, although they can just be a happy party. With fundraisers, it means that not only do those who attend have some fun, they also help brighten the lives of guinea pigs in need.

The original pignic was The New England Pignic in Westfield, Massachusetts, according to the website CavyMadness. It ran from 1996 to 2003. With a history dating back almost 20 years, pignics are not a passing fad. And that’s likely because they’re a great idea. 

The CavyMadness website also has information about how to start a pignic, plus rules and etiquette for attending. A critical point is that all guinea pigs that attend should be free from any contagious disease or parasites. Many pignics have a health check station that people go through with their pets before entering the pignic. Some pignics occur in the spring, but many are in summer and fall. 

Pignics aren’t just about gathering to eat food and talk about guinea pigs with other enthusiasts (although that’s a great time right there!). Pignics often have events like an eating contest for the guinea pigs, costume contest, guest speakers, vendors selling guinea pig-related items, photo booth, silent auction, raffle and more. 

I was lucky enough to attend the SoCal Pignic a few times. It’s organized by Orange County Cavy Haven, which has been rescuing guinea pigs since 2003. The pignic had all the events mentioned plus a kissing booth that offered the chance to kiss a guinea pig. That was a fun idea for raising money for the organization.

The Pignic Central Facebook page encourages people to post their pignic info. It also has plenty of fun photos from past events.

Upcoming pignics are occurring in California (Novato, Irvine, Cupertino), Minnesota, Massachusetts and Maryland. 
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