Guinea Pig Out-of-Cage Time

Guinea pig-proof a room for your small pet’s out-of-cage time.

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Guinea pigs need time to run around outside the cage every day. wuwow/Pixabay
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Guinea pigs need time out of their cage every day to stay healthy and content. You’ll enjoy your small pets more, too, when they are out of the cage.

Before you can let your guinea pigs run loose, you must guinea pig-proof the room. This means removing electrical cords and telephone and computer wires from reach, since guinea pigs are notorious chewers. Cords and wires that can’t be moved must be covered with plastic tubing slit up the side.

Look around the room for holes or crevices where a guinea pig can hide or get stuck. Block these with a towel or seal them with a piece of wood.

Pick up rugs, or lay down plastic on the carpeting to protect it from urine should your guinea pigs decide to go to the bathroom while loose. Make certain the room is secure and that no other pets can gain access while your guinea pig is at liberty.

Give your guinea pigs toys to play with while out of the cage. Cardboard boxes, paper grocery bags, anything that will work as a tunnel, and cat toys can make great distractions for your small pets.

Guinea pigs should have at least two hours a day out of the cage, more if possible. Make certain you supervise during this time to make sure they don’t get into trouble.

If you want to take your guinea pigs outside to play, keep them in a secure cage or exercise pen that is covered, and supervise at all times. Guinea pigs that are outside are vulnerable to cats, dogs and predatory birds.

If a guinea pig escapes in the house, confine any cats or dogs that are in the house and close all windows and doors. Check under seat cushions, inside closets, underneath furniture and behind doors. If you can’t find it, don’t panic. Eventually your small pet will get hungry and will venture forth from its hiding place. Your biggest concern should be cats or dogs that might find your small pet before you do and possibly harm it. Keep your other pets out of the area where a guinea pig might be until you can locate your small pet.

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