Guinea Pig Handling Tips

Follow these tips when you handle your guinea pig.

Before a guinea pig likes being held, you’ll need to gradually teach your small pet to tolerate it. Guinea pigs tend to feel uncomfortable when lifted off the ground, and must be held securely so they don’t panic.

Make sure your guinea pig has had at least a week to get used to being in your home before you start handling it. Spend time talking to it and giving treats so the guinea pig learns to trust you.

When it’s time to pick it up, place one hand underneath your guinea pig so its legs hang on either side of your hand. Next, lift it up using the other hand to hold up its hindquarters. Put your small pet against your chest as you hold it to help it feel secure.

Never lift your guinea pig up by any of its limbs as this is dangerous and can cause your small pet pain and injury.

When others want to hold your guinea pig, have them sit on the floor and gently place your guinea pig in their hands, instructing them to hold it underneath with one hand while supporting its hindquarters with the other.

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