Guinea Pig Drains Water Bottle At Night

Why would a guinea pig drain its water bottle at night only?

Q: I have a 1-year-old guinea pig. In the daytime, my guinea pig doesn’t drink water very much, but at night she drinks tons. She drinks almost constantly at night, so much that sometimes the noise of the water bottle keeps me awake.

Is there a way to get my guinea pig to drink more water in the daytime when she is playing and more active – when she needs it more? Or is there a way to get her to quit drinking so much water at night? An example of how much she drinks at night can be seen in that I fill the bottle halfway, and the next morning she only has about a couple of swallows left. In the daytime, I fill it halfway, and by the afternoon she has drunk barely any. What can I do?

A: It may be possible that the guinea pig is playing with the water bottle at night. This may be because she has no other entertainment because you are asleep. If the bedding is wet in the morning, this is likely what’s happening.

A way to cure a guinea pig from playing with a water bottle is to provide a double-balled water bottle. This type of bottle only offers a measured amount of water each and every time the guinea pig goes to drink from it. For this reason, the guinea pig tires of trying to let the water out of the bottle. The spout has a ball, then a spring and then another ball behind it to control the amount of water it dispenses.

If it doesn’t seem that your guinea pig is playing with the water bottle, then either move the cage to an area of your home where the noise doesn’t bother you, or provide veggies high in water content, such as green leaf or red leaf lettuce, or cucumbers. The veggies may be enough to hold the guinea pig over for the night, and eventually change her drinking schedule to the days.

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