Guinea Pig Cage Maintenance

Create a regular maintenance schedule for your guinea pig’s cage.

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Your guinea pig's cage should be cleaned every week. MAKY-OREL/Pixabay
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A guinea pig needs a clean cage to be happy and healthy. That means regular cage cleanings.

Daily Maintenance

Soiled bedding should be removed and replaced with fresh bedding every day. Water bottles and food bowls should be washed every day with hot water and biodegradable soap.

Weekly Maintenance

The entire cage should be cleaned once a week. Remove your guinea pig from the cage and put it in a guinea-pig proofed room or a travel carrier. Then scrub the cage with hot, soapy water (use biodegradable soap) to scrub the floor and wire.

If you keep your guinea pig in an outdoor hutch, you may need to use a spatula or hand shovel to scrape away the urine and feces that has accumulated on the wire. Scrub this area of the cage using a solution of 1 part bleach to 10 parts water, and rinse thoroughly.

Make certain the cage is dry before putting your guinea pig back inside.

The guinea pig’s nest box should be washed once a week as well, and left in the sun to dry. Use the same bleach and water solution to wash it. Toys that are soiled should be thrown away and replaced, or washed in hot, soapy water if possible.

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