Guinea Pig Armor Back Up For Auction

The winning bidder on the guinea pig armor broke their promise to pay, so the small suit of armor is back on eBay until June 30.

guinea pig armor
Lucky the guinea pig models the handmade armor created for him by owner Sean McCoy.

Many guinea pig enthusiasts and others have been following the odd but heartwarming story of the suit of armor made for a guinea pig named Lucky. After Lucky’s passing, owner Sean McCoy decided to auction off the guinea pig armor on eBay to raise funds for Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue, which had been Lucky’s home previous to being adopted by McCoy. McCoy himself handmade the armor, at great expense to his fingers, and the helmet was purchased at a Renaissance faire.

News outlets ran with the story, including CNN, which included a segment about it at the end of a newscast. See video below. 

All the hype truly seemed to pay off, as when the auction ended late in the day on June 21 the winning bid exceeded $24,000. A happy ending for all, right? Well, not exactly.

McCoy learned that the winning bidder didn’t wish to pay after all. He then tried contacting the next five bidders on the list, but none responded.

As of June 25, the guinea pig armor went back on eBay for a quick five-day auction. Bidding ends on June 30 at 7:18 p.m. EDT. The bid at the time of this writing is $1,050, still respectable, but nothing like the original $24,000-plus from the original bid.

As McCoy states in the eBay description, “This hand-made scale-mail and tiny steel helmet will keep your guinea pig protected and secure in all situations.” He asks that people bid high and bid often, and that they consider donating to Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue directly.

The Metropolitan Guinea Pig Rescue Facebook page noted that the original auction ended very badly. It requests that people share the new auction information to get the word out again. McCoy makes a similar request on his Facebook page, “If you know anyone who may be interested, please notify them of the listing.”

See the CNN video about the guinea pig armor.

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