Grumpy Cat’s Birthday Bash

Although she'd probably like to see more "bash" than "birthday," Grumpy Cat celebrates turning two with a big party.

Tuesday evening in midtown Manhattan, in a blanched event space sparingly decorated with colorful balloons bearing the image of the guest of honor, a few hundred adults came to celebrate the second birthday of a very tiny, frown-faced-feline.

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Yep, it was Tardar Sauce’s (aka. Grumpy Cat’s) birthday party, underwritten by Friskies Party Mix, and the who’s-who of the cat world were there to celebrate. From big media like PeoplePets, to the humans of other famous cats like City The Kitty and Oskar The Blind Cat (and his brother Klaus) and of course we must not forget the cat bloggers (such as yours truly and Layla Morgan of CatWisdom101).

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Some came wearing cat ears and others cat purses, but most came dressed like they were … well, at a regular human birthday party. Grumptini’s refreshed, a magician entertained, photo-booths filled, balloon animals – mostly cats – took shape, hors d’oeuvres passed and a make-up artist painted feline faces while the guest of honor was awaited.

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A very regal – yet slightly ominous – entrance tune played as her uncle carried her in. The crowd rushed to get as close to her as possible, then rushed to get in line for a photo op as her mom Tabatha stood by (that woman must get tired of standing for these events, but I must say she’s a good sport and extremely friendly).

Yes, there was cake, but Miss Grumps, not surprisingly, did not seem pleased. Perhaps that means she liked it after all?

Upon leaving we were loaded down with Grumpy schwag – how could we resist?! And just in case we’d had a bit too many Grumptini’s, there was plenty of Grumpy Cat Coffee for the trip home.

But surprise! It turns out Grumpy’s obligations had only just begun as she had an early morning appearance to make on Good Morning America. Can cats drink Grumpy Cat Coffee?

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