Grumpy Cat Visits London And Hates It

The sullen-looking kitty visited Westminster Abbey and other British landmarks during a promotional tour.

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"I hate London." Via The Official Grumpy Cat/Facebook
Cari Jorgensen

Travel. Most of the time, in our opinion, it is fantastic. You get to see different sights, interact with a different culture and do things you don’t get to do at home. Plus you get to tell all your friends and family about your trip when you return.

For some, however, travel is a chore. You have to take a long flight and interact with a culture that’s nothing like yours. You can’t do things you do at home and you have to look at a bunch of touristy buildings (cue the “eh, another landmark, woohoo” thought and look).

Grumpy Cat, aka Tardar Sauce, falls into that latter category. The Internet-famous kitty recently visited London on her “British Invasion” tour, during which she was promoting a new Primark clothing line, Evening Standard reports.

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During the tour of London, Grumpy Cat visited various landmarks, all of which she disliked.

She stopped at Parliament and hated that Big Ben wanted to tell her the time.

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Then she made her way to Buckingham Palace. Not being let in at once to see the Queen was entirely distasteful to the famous cat.

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She stopped by Westminster Abbey where she was thoroughly unimpressed with the 926-year-old building.

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Finally, Grumpy Cat visited Abbey Road Studios. She was disappointed that The Beatles she was told about had nothing to do with insects.

Maybe she’ll like her next trip better.

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