Grumpy Cat Throws Out First Pitch at Baseball Game

Grumpy Cat wore a just-for-her jersey, hung out in the Diamondbacks Clubhouse, and warmed up on the field during an end-of-summer baseball game.

Starring in her own movie, serving as spokescat for Friskies, being the first ever animal to be made into a wax figure for Madame Tussauds … Grumpy Cat has achieved great strides. Yesterday she added a little more awesome to her resume.

As an Arizona native (she resides with her humans in Morristown), the forever unimpressed feline was on the field to toss out the ceremonial first pitch at the Arizona Diamondbacks game for their Labor Day match-up against the San Francisco Giants. Bonus: the theme of the game day was Grumpy Cat Monday. Natch!

Grumpy Cat was accompanied on the field by her family, Tabatha and Crystal Bundesen. Although the perpetually moody kitty didn’t throw the ball herself, 13-year-old Crystal did the honors, she did get to wear a just-for-her jersey, hang out in the Diamondbacks Clubhouse, and warmup on the field.

And, of course, her appearance paved the way for one of the best Grumpy Cat meme’s of all time:

What do you think of Grumpy Cat’s foray on the field? Also pertinent: how cute does Grumpy look in her Diamondbacks jersey?


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