Grumpy Cat and Garfield Creator Finally Meet

A grumpy cat creator and a grumpy cat share a moment.

Garfield and Grumpy Cat Finally Meet, Bond Over… by wochit

Garfield, iconic cartoon cat created by Jim Davis, is grumpy about Mondays, Odie and not getting enough lasagna. Grumpy Cat appears to be grumpy about, well, everything. So it was only natural that the two like-minded kitties should meet at this year’s Licensing Expo in Las Vegas. Davis, an obvious cat lover, waited briefly in the queue for his turn to meet Grumpy Cat. His (and Garfield’s) popularity awarded him the chance to skip the line, Mashable reports, and head right up to the Internet-famous feline. We’re sure the two both loved it (but we’re also sure Grumpy Cat said that sentence with sarcasm).

Word has it Grumpy Cat also got the chance to meet Garfield himself. Any guesses as to what they thought of each other?

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