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Gross But Honest: Blood Is in My Cat’s Stool

See three reasons why your cat's stool has blood in it.

See three reasons why your cat's stool has blood in it.

I found blood in my cat’s stool. What does that mean? –
Bill Sturgell

To answer to your question, your vet might ask you if it was a one-time sighting or a regular occurrence. He or she might also want to know if the blood you are seeing is bright red or nearly black.
•    A rare bloody stool can mean a minor problem such as constipation and a bit of bleeding caused by straining.
•    Color — dark vs. bright — can convey information about the blood’s origin. Dark blood is older, which points to an issue higher in the digestive tract (the small intestine or stomach), while brighter, newer, blood is an indicator that the bleeding is occurring closer to the end of the tract (in the large intestine).
•    Colitis, an inflammation of the large intestine, is a possible culprit. Causes include stress, worms and diet changes. Impacted anal sacs, cancer and polyps can also lead to bloody stools.

The cause can be minor or more serious. Time to call the vet.

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