Grooming Your Welsh Springer Spaniel

Get easy, do-it-yourself grooming tips for your Welsh Springer Spaniel.

When it comes to hunting, chasing, and dashing through the underbrush in an exuberant quest for game, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is ready to move at a moment’s notice. All that outside time, that hairy coat, and those floppy ears make grooming an important health consideration for this active sporting breed.

Yet, the Welsh Springer Spaniel is easier to groom than some of the other sporting breeds, according to professional groomer and Welsh Springer Spaniel Club of America president Sandy Roth. For example, the English Cocker could never do tracking and keep its coat for the show ring, says Roth.  Welshies can go from hunt test to show ring with little more than a brush-down.  Knowing just what your Welsh Springer Spaniel needs makes grooming a breeze.

  • This natural breed requires very little alteration to its coat. Trim less than more, only to neaten, without changing coat length in any way. Trim only to keep stray hairs under control.
  • Watch those ears!  Floppy ears can trap dirt, bacteria, and moisture, resulting in infection, especially in dogs that spend lots of time outdoors. “You need to keep their ears clean, especially if they’ve been swimming, and this breed loves to swim,” says Roth.  Once a week and after swimming or hunting, clean your Welshie’s ears as far in as you can see using a Q-Tip or cotton ball and ear cleaning lotion made for dogs. Dry thoroughly.
  • Welshie ears can get hairy, which attracts dirt. Trim excess hair from inside and around your Welshie’s ears to maintain good hygiene and a neat appearance.
  • Unless they spend a lot of time on concrete, the Welsh Springer Spaniel needs regular toenail clipping. Clip off ends every two to four weeks or as needed to keep nails short and neat.
  • Although the Welshie’s coat is easy to care for, it can be prone to stray hairs and furry feet. Keep feet clean by trimming the hair from between paw pads and toes, and any longer hairs on the back of the hocks. 
  • Neaten your Welshie’s overall look by slightly trimming the longer neck hair.
  • Brush or wipe the Welsh Springer Spaniel’s teeth once a day to keep tartar at bay and to minimize mouth bacteria, which can lead to heart disease, especially in the senior years.
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