Grooming: Not Just for Looks

Is there anything cuter than a puppy? Yes. A clean puppy!

No doubt, puppies are adorable. Bright eyes, soft fur, playful attitude and that oh-so-wonderful puppy smell. Unfortunately, pups don’t stay smelling wonderful without a little help. Regular grooming, no matter the breed, is essential to your puppy’s good looks and good health. Not sure how to groom a puppy? Here’s how to get started:

Golden Retriever

 – Why Groom? 
 – Brushing Basics
 – Stress-Free Nail Trimming
 – Clean Ears
 – Bathtime Fun
 – Maintain His Pearly Whites

Good Grooming for Life
Always keep in mind that puppies will be puppies. Grooming is a new experience, and you must introduce it kindly and make it fun. Keep grooming sessions short (10 minutes) at first, and always praise the puppy for cooperating. Use obedience commands: sit while brushing, stand while bathing. Don’t be surprised if your pup tries to wiggle away, bite the brush, yelp when you trim its nails, shake its head wildly as you clean its ears or disregards your commands. Good grooming manners are learned slowly, so be a patient teacher.

In time, your puppy will learn to accept, even look forward to, the grooming routine. There are no downsides to patiently and consistently grooming your puppyyour pup will look good, smell good and will be healthier because of it.

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