Dog Groomer Gives Free Haircuts To Old Shelter Dogs In Need Of Homes

To improve their chances of getting adopted, a selfless groomer is giving senior dogs free makeovers.

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Still loving, and still just as lovable, but with a whole new look! Via markthedogguy/Instagram
Chrissa Hardy

Older shelter animals always seem to get the shaft. They’re often the last ones to get adopted, if they do get adopted at all, even though they are just as loving and sweet as the younger pups who get picked first.

Luckily, a groomer in New York City is looking to change that. Mark Imhof is a former businessman with an MBA who switched careers and became a dog groomer. In his spare time, Mark The Dog Guy offers up his grooming skills to the Animal Care Centers of NYC (ACC) and gives free haircuts to shelter dogs, to help them find homes faster. He shares the before and after photos on Facebook and Instagram, and they’re truly incredible.

Here are some of the adorable pups who’ve gotten makeovers from the amazingly selfless Mark The Dog Guy.

1. Spartacus

That smile just got a whole lot brighter!

2. Callie

Now the world can see her big, beautiful eyes.

3. Sugarplum

Hard to believe this is the same dog.

4. Sadie

Little lady Sadie knows how to strike a pose.

5. Sean

It’s amazing what a haircut can do for your pride. Sean is BEAMING.

6. Ella

Hold that pretty face up high, Ella!

7. Stryker

Seriously, this dog looks at least five years younger. Amazing!

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