Grins And Giggles

Get ready to chuckle as critter owners like you share anecdotes about their pets and life with critters.

Unexpected Development
We were never able to have children, but my father-in-law referred to our bunnies as his grandchildren. Sadly, he passed away, and the morning of the visitation service for him, I woke to find my bunny trio relaxing on our large headboard where they usually spent the night.

I thought my father-in-law would like having a photo of them placed in his casket, so I ran to the closet and got the Polaroid as quickly as possible. The camera needed film, so I raced back to get some. I didn’t waste time putting in my contacts because I so wanted to get the shot. Deciding the camera was self-focusing, I did a quick point-and-shoot of several shots, threw these into my purse to develop and woke my husband to get ready for the service.

Once at the funeral home, I took advantage of a lull to place the photo in the casket. I pulled the unseen photos out of my purse and burst into laughter, and I am not a quiet laugher.

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