Grieving for Cats

CAT FANCY readers share their stories of grieving for cats while honoring their memories to help others overcome the pain of losing a cat.

We asked CAT FANCY readers and CatChannel visitors how they dealt with the difficulty of a cat’s passing. Here is what helped them work through the loss of their cat. Tell us if these ideas have helped you or if other things have worked for you in the comments below. 

Let Yourself Cry
Crying and relying on my other cat to help me get through it. My husband handled it differently; it was his cat, and the cat passed away from a blocked urethra in my husband’s arms. If only the vet let do payments our cat would still be alive, we even got a $6,000 refund four days after he died last March. I’ve decided the only way my husband will be able to move on is with another kitty, so for Father’s day I’m bringing home a new kitten just for him. – Dyanna Engle-Bayer

Create a Memorial

It’s pretty much the same when your dog dies; you still feel totally destroyed on the inside. Personally, the best thing I did (and I don’t regret it at all – or any of my other tattoos, for that matter) is getting my dog’s paw print, adoption date, and the date she had to be put down tattooed. In some ways, the pain from the tattoo (it honestly didn’t hurt that much) or at least hurt less than losing my dog, but it helped me to heal. But On the bright side, I will always have a piece of my sweet Pepper with my forever. – Brodi Jean Patricia Tallman-Sellsted

Remember and Move On
I went out and adopted another one. Even though I love my new cat, it’s been a difficult road because he could sense that I was still grieving. I’m ashamed to admit that perhaps even though I tried giving him love, perhaps he didn’t feel accepted for a long time. – Judy Camblor

I have lost many loving cats over the past 35 years. It is one of the most difficult things I have ever had to deal with. They are my children and I live for them! I have always had cats, so there has never been a need to replace them, but I can honestly say that no two cats are alike – each one has its own very loving personality. And, yes: The others do know that I am grieving and do their best to comfort me and each other. I miss every single one that I have lost. I loved them all so dearly. – Jennifer Newman

Help Rescue Another Cat
Katie had been my beautiful companion for 12 years. She had congestive heart failure and pancreatitis the last couple of years. The vet told me that Katie would tell me when it was time to let her go. She did. I could see it in her eyes. I loved her so much I knew I could never be without a cat again. I went right from the vets office when she was put down to the shelter and adopted a new kitty in less than an hour. This may not be for everybody, but it helped me heal. The week I had to wait to actually get the new kitten was the longest week in my life. Simcha can never replace Katie. One cat is not meant to replace another. But she fills that empty spot in my heart. It is so great to come home and have a cat staring out the door waiting anxiously for me to open it so she can shower me with kitty kisses. And I feel good knowing that as one kitty life ended, the life of another kitty was saved. – Elizabeth Williams

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