‘Grey’s Anatomy’ Star Adopts a Dog

Eric Dane and wife Rebecca Gayheart add a Chihuahua to their family.

Eric Dane and his wife, actress Rebecca Gayheart, have expanded their family – by six pounds, give or take a few ounces.

“We just adopted a little dog,” Dane told People. The dog is a Chihuahua named Nellie. “Like ‘Whoa, Nellie,’” Dane said. “We adopted it on the street from this adoption agency. She was thrown out of a car, so we took her.”

“She’s a rescue,” Gayheart said.

The couple celebrated their fourth anniversary Oct. 29, but didn’t plan anything special. “Just the two of us, dinner,” Gayheart said.

Make that three, including Nellie, who didn’t count as an anniversary gift.

“It’s not the anniversary present,” laughed the “Grey’s Anatomy” actor. “What if the dog were the anniversary gift, I think it would be the last anniversary we have together! ‘I brought you a Chihuahua …’”

Dr. McSteamy was as tight-lipped about the upcoming fifth season of “Grey’s Anatomy” as he was about his anniversary gift to Gayheart. The actor would allow, however, that fans should expect “more of the same, and I think that’s done well for us in the past,” Dane said. “I think we’re going to stick to that formula.”

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