Greg Kinnear Casts Dog Look-Alike

Actor Greg Kinnear selects a dog to play his canine alter ego in "Feast of Love.”

“Which dog looks most like you?” is not something most Hollywood actors want to hear.

But that’s exactly what “Feast of Love” director Robert Benton asked Greg Kinnear when they were picking out a dog to play Bradley Jr., the look-alike pet of Kinnear’s character, Bradley.

“I was brought into a room with the director and seven dogs,” Kinnear told WENN. “I understood why this was important, but I didn’t think I’d be picking out the dog!”

In the film, Kinnear plays a recently divorced coffee shop owner who seeks out relationship advice from a happily married professor played by Morgan Freeman.

Kinnear finally decided on a lanky English Springer Spaniel for the role. And while Kinnear may have given his canine doppelganger his big break, all wasn’t well on the set.

“I had a fairly good relationship with my movie pooch until he [pooped] in my trailer,” Kinnear deadpans.

“Feast of Love” is in theaters now.

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