Greetings from the Beach

What could be better than a day at the beach? The soft breezes, cool water, and brilliant blue skies relieve stress and restore a childlike feeling in most of us. Dogs also benefit from a good romp on the beach. Continually conforming to the human world is hard work. But at the beach, dogs can be dogs, making it heaven on earth.

Each dog has a different way of seizing the day. Unfazed by waves, water dogs plunge headlong into the surf. Those who don’t like to swim have fun chasing and being chased by waves. Thrilled terriers dig to their hearts content, searching for elusive sand crabs. Some dogs just enjoy soaking up the beach smells and spending time with their humans. Social dogs find like-minded playmates and invent their own games. Watching your dog run, swim, retrieve, and play is sure to bring you laughter and joy.

Pick up this month’s issue of Dog Fancy for the full story.

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