Greening Up Right

Six ways to help your dog tread more lightly on Mother Earth.

As much as you might think your dog is the greenest member of the family, canines do impact the environment in a negative way.

Although their carbon pawprints may not be as large as ours, we can help reduce their impact on the environment in big ways through a few small changes in the way we care for them.

The single biggest way dogs affect the environment negatively is with their waste — or at least how we treat their waste. Each year, tons of dog waste end up in landfills. By taking up valuable space and potentially adding parasites to area lakes and rivers, dog waste does its share of environmental damage. Other aspects of dog care impact the environment, too. Read on for ways you can change this.

Want to read the full story? Check out the Natural Dog flipside of DOG FANCY’s May 2009 issue.

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