Great Kitty Stocking Stuffers

Share the holiday joy with your cat by presenting him with a few of these goodies.

He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake and he knows when your cat has been climbing the living room drapes again! Small feline indiscretions aside, we all want to share the festive season with our cats, and here are a few ways to say “Happy Holidays” to your almost-perfect furry friend. These are gifts that kitty will like you know those fuzzy antlers and little Santa hats are really not for your pet but for you to enjoy.

For a touch of posh kitty couture, spring for a collar with your pets name spelled out in crystal letters. The oh-so-stylish accessories are available through pet and gift catalogs and on the Web. If your cat is one of the ever-increasing number of felines on the go, pick up a fashionable harness and leash to keep kitty safe when the two of you venture outside.

In the spirit of the season, consider tucking a few holiday-themed catnip-filled plush toys into Fluffys stocking. These little gifts are among the most budget-friendly, only costing $2 or $3 apiece. Some toys this year are out of this world like small foam playthings shaped like Martians; they’re also only a couple dollars each. Some little Weeble-like rocker toys might amuse the playful cat bat at em and they pop right back up. And then theres the oldie but goodie, the laser toy, which now comes in a fun bug shape.

For most cats, the most welcome gift is the one that can be eaten. Tasty choices can include little organic turkey treats that are shaped like tiny drumsticks, or goodies that look like little slices of lunch meat. They’re inexpensive and whisker-lickin good (or so test subjects have indicated). Owners can also buy their kitties a kit that lets them grow their own–organic wheat seeds and other pet grasses, that is. One reportedly tasty item that might also help with an embarrassing problem is a tube of flavored hair-ball remedy.

Other hygiene-oriented gift ideas include a pack of little kitty toothbrushes that fit on your finger. OK, not the most exciting of stocking stuffers, but you cat will thank you when it reaches old age with all its sharp little choppers intact. For bath-phobic cats (and there are lots of them!), consider a pack or two of those moist-towel instant baths. They’re great for quick touch-ups and removing dust and dirt from any coat without the trauma of the tub.

One gift idea that’s really for the whole household is a tape on how to build the bond between your cat and the family. Of course, if you’re looking for ideas for holiday gifts for your pet, chances are that bond is pretty strong already.

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