Great Dane Service Puppy Cam

The Great Dane cams will follow pups as they transition from lively puppies into well-trained, balance support service dogs.

Great DanesOn the “tails” of their highly successful Golden Retriever Service Puppy Cam, and its social community Dog Bless You, announces their newest installment of puppy cam cuteness. 

This webcam delight will focus on six Great Dane service puppies at the 12-acre Service Dog Project training center in Ipswich, MA. The Great Dane Service Puppy Cams will follow pups: Perry, Lola, Ebony, Mia, Willow, and Roxanne as they transition from three month old puppies into balance support service dogs.

Viewers will be treated to adorable puppy behavior as the dogs spend their days playing with each other and exploring the outdoors. In a few more weeks the pups will begin their strict and regimented training processes to prepare for their lifelong duty assisting mobility impaired war veterans, children, and people with diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Friedreich’s ataxia. 

Viewers will have the opportunity to choose from four cams, including “puppy hill” which will feature shots of the beautiful outdoor setting where the puppies play throughout the day, and the “indoor puppy room” which captures where they spend most of their time sleeping and eating. A third roving puppy cam will follow the Danes as they romp and play, and a final “foliage cam” will give viewers a chance to experience the famous change in foliage that northeastern falls are known for.

“Great Danes are generally the best balance support dogs due to their large, sturdy size and docile behavior indoors,” says Carlene White, Director of Service Dog Project Inc.  “By teaming up with and Dog Bless You, people now have a chance to witness these beautiful dogs transition from cute little animals to enormous support systems for balance impaired people and their families all in real time.”

In addition to melting hearts, the Great Dane Service Puppy Cam is being launched by philanthropic community Dog Bless You to coincide with its “Dog Bless USA” initiative. For every 1K ‘likes’  the organization receives on its Facebook, Pinterest, and Tumblr pages, Dog Bless You will donate one service dog to a disabled veteran. Over 150 service dogs have been donated since June.

“Dogs are the guardian angels of the human spirit, and few people need or deserve them more than those who are disabled, whether mentally or physically,” says Charlie Annenberg, Founder of and Dog Bless You.

The webcams will run 24/7 for the next 8 -10 months. To view the webcams, click here.

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