Great Dane Has Many Derpy Faces, And They’re All Spectacular

Mutka the Great Dane has an insanely expressive face. In the words of his owner: "He's such a derp!"

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If you were unsure of what "derpy" meant, now you know. Via vinkulelu/Imgur

The most expressive faces are always the most memorable. And Mutka’s is no exception.

Mutka is a 1-year-old Great Dane whose goofy mug is taking over the Internet, thanks to a hilarious photo collage of his many magnificent faces that his owner posted on Imgur.

Via vinkulelu/Imgur

Mutka, you ham! Via vinkulelu/Imgur

Even better, Mutka’s owner, who goes by the username vinkulelu, also shares the goofy dog’s daily adventures on Instagram (@whythankyew).

Let me tell you, the derp goes way beyond the photo collage. It’s like this dog is never in a state of repose.

Here are some of Mutka’s best derp-outs.

1. Grimace Face

“You want a piece of me?”

2. Kiss Face

Ugh, get a room, you two.

3. Tonsil Face

“Everything look healthy under the hood? Cool.”

4. Perplexed Goof Face

“Where’d you find this sweater anyway? The back of the closet?”

5. Jolly Face


6. Drunk Face

Go home, Mutka. You’re drunk.

7. Dinnertime Face

“I heard the food bag. Time to go! Dinner, here I come!”

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