Grand Opening of the Bird Clinic

When I first got Carlisle, I knew absolutely nothing about birds. I can’t even remember why I decided to take him to the vet. I had so little money as an assistant editor that it must have been for some specific reason rather then an annual checkup. There was a vet clinic down the block from my apartment, so I decided to take Carlisle there. It was the best decision of convenience I ever made.

I found myself at Dr. Larry Nemetz’s Bird Clinic in Santa Ana, Calif. Dr. Nemetz has more energy in one minute than I can get together in a whole day. He was not only extremely knowledgeable but he did everything in front of me, rather than taking Carlisle into the back and running tests. He always educates the bird owner along with examining the bird patient. He is wonderful and my birds like him too.

This past weekend, I was fortunate to attend the grand opening of his new clinic, still aptly named The Bird Clinic, over on Tustin Avenue in Orange, Calif. He designed it himself and worked with manufacturers in both the human and animal world to get state-of-the-art equipment made especially for birds. The ambiance of the place is wonderful with bright colors and a waiting room with a flowing water sculpture in the middle. And, of course, the avian store Bird Stuff is right next door, so you can buy food and toys plus see your vet all in one-stop.

If you get a chance, you should stop on by. The Bird Clinic is at 200 South Tustin Street, Suite E, Orange, CA 92866-2322. You can also check out the website at Dr. Nemetz does consultations for other vets, too. He really is interested in beak reconstruction and does a ton of surgeries. He even recently did surgery on a zebra finch and it lived! Talk about micro surgery!

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