This Dog’s Reaction To His Owner Leaving Will Break Your Heart Into A Million Pieces

GoPro camera reveals dog's reaction to owner leaving.

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This dog can't believe his owner is gone.

Unfortunately for us pet owners, society has yet to turn all businesses into pet-friendly establishments, forcing us to leave our babies at home while we work and run errands. We are often left wondering what kinds of shenanigans our four-legged friends get into while we’re away. Do they sleep all day? Do they even care that we’re gone? Sometimes we come home to the proof of their hijinx, with shredded pieces of pillow or trash all over the floor. But most of the time we are just greeted by an excited pet with a fervently wagging tail.

One guy decided to get to the bottom of this mystery by attaching a GoPro to his dog to see what the dog does after he leaves the house. The footage, posted on YouTube by user Mike The Intern, is equal parts sweet and heartbreaking.

At first, the dog runs from room to room, almost in disbelief that his owner has actually left. It’s as if he’s sure his owner is simply in another room. Then, once reality sets in, he retreats to his dad’s bed (on top of what appears to be freshly washed clothes, of course) and just howls the day away. This is separation anxiety in all of its devastating glory.

As much as you will probably never want to leave your pet home alone again after watching this, you’ll have to eventually. But don’t worry — these tips will help ease the pain of your time away from each other.


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