GoPro Cat Video Lets YOU Chase the Laser

C'mon, you almost got it ... Finally, you can get a first-cat POV experience chasing the laser pointer toy.

You’ve seen your cat go ballistic for the laser pointer. Now, you can play along with kitty when you watch this video of a cat chasing a laser toy shot with a GoPro mounted to the cat’s collar.

It’s a fun, bouncy run through this apartment of Trip the GoPro cat, posted on YouTube by Tyler Crompton. Tyler gets high-five paws for good cat parenting, too, because he lets Trip play with some rope at the end of the chase. Cat behaviorists say that cats need that satisfying end to hunting laser toys because if they do all that work for nothing, it’s like, what’s the point and why are we here and life is meaningless.

Or, to put it more professionally and less juvenile, cat behavior expert Marilyn Krieger says this:
I adamantly believe that laser pointers need to be left at the office and not transformed into cat toys. In addition to the potential eye damage from shining the beams in cats’ eyes, laser pointers, are frustrating for cats. Cats never can have the satisfaction of catching the elusive dancing dot.

Krieger recommends that if you do play with such toys, finish the cat play session with a real toy, such as a cloth mouse, streamer wand or, as Tyler does, a bunch of stuff that your cat wants to reach out and grab. Well done, Trip and Tyler.

Do you use laser toys with your cats?


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