Google Asks For Your Help To Save A Magic Cat This Halloween

A clever wizard kitty could use an extra spell or two from you.

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Battle ghosts and win Halloween! Via Juliana Chen/Google

When you opened your computer today and started Googling — possibly for “Halloween playlists,” “Best last-minute costumes” or “Can adults trick-or-treat?” — you might have noticed a super-cute/super-serious cat holding a paw up to some ghosts. And maybe you dropped those essential searches to see what was up with this sort of spooky cat-themed illo. We know we did.

The Google doodle combines two of the best things — clever tiny wizards and cats — into a fun mini game. According to the Google blog, the cat is Momo, a student at the illustrious Magic Cat Academy, who is trying to defeat some ghouly ghosts this Halloween.

You put a spell on me. Via Juliana Chen/Google

You put a spell on me. Via Juliana Chen/Google

“With a swipe of your paw (or should I say wave of your wand), you can help turn these Halloween tricks into a real treat. But be warned, your spell casting must be quick and precise. To send these ghouls into a tailspin, you must draw the symbols that appear above the ghosts’ heads on your screen. Wow! Meow!”

Slow down your searching today and practice some magic instead. Happy Halloween!

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