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Good Table Foods For Mice

Know what types of table foods to share with a mouse.

The best types of table scraps for mice are ones that are healthy for humans, too. Good fruits to give your mice include fresh berries, bananas, apples, pears, tomatoes and avocadoes. Give these only in very small amounts, such as a 1/4 tablespoon or a piece cut to be around a 1/2 inch in size, just a few days a week.

You can share some of your own meals with your mouse provided you are eating healthy food. A piece about an inch in length of unseasoned chicken, tuna or turkey makes a good treat for mice. Brown rice (1/4 teaspoon), baked potatoes (a piece about an inch in length) and pasta (one noodle) made from brown rice or another non-wheat grain without any sauces or spices are also welcome treats. Be sure you give only tiny amounts of these types of foods, just a few days a week.

You can offer your mouse some vegetables from your own plate too, provided they have not been cooked in oil. Mice enjoy spinach, squash, carrots and string beans, cooked or raw. Make sure any cooked vegetables are cool to the touch before offering them to your mouse.

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