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Find out the latest in the world of parrots.


What’s new in the world of parrots? Find out. 

Groundhog Day: We don’t know if they’re weather forecasters, but like groundhogs, Patagonian conures prefer to live underground, in burrows.

Here’s what bird behavior expert, Sally Blanchard had to say about these conures: “People often state that Patagonian conures are a misplaced cockatoo species because they are so cuddly. I have generally found this to be true with both males and female Patagonian conures.”

Good news for kakapos! With fewer than 150 kakapos in the world, when the birds breed, it’s cause for celebration. And there’s plenty to celebrate this year. A kakapo named Kuia (which means wise, old woman) is on two eggs and counting. To date, 14 females have mated on Anchor Island and four on Codfish Island/Whenua Hou.

BREAKING NEWS!! Kuia is on TWO eggs and we don’t think she has stopped laying!To date, 14 females have mated on Anchor Island and four on Codfish Island/Whenua Hou. Yay!!

Posted by Kakapo Recovery – The Official Site on Thursday, January 28, 2016

Conures are moving to San Jose, Calif.: Those “Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill” are moving to the ‘burbs. Part of the mitred conure flock featured in the 2003 documentary is taking up residence in San Jose, Calif. Mark Bittner, the human “star” of the film says, “There was the Sunnyvale flock, and I suspect they are the same ones.”

“You have a matrix of people’s yards with persimmons, cherries, oranges…and then natives like elderberries and chokeberries,” adds Toby Goldberg, Santa Clara Valley Audubon Society education and “They’re not directly competing with other species” for resources, Mitred conures are also know as cherry-headed conures. San Jose: Wild parrots making themselves at home

Donald Trump Not Allowed?: The Barking Parrot might growl at Donald Trump if he ever sets foot in Canada’s Penticton Lakeside Resort. The Barking Parrot pub, located in the resort, has put up “Donald Trump Banned” posters/

“We’re concerned that if Trump ever becomes president he could retaliate against the Parrot and we’d have a cruise missile coming straight up the lake and heading to the Parrot’s patio,” jokingly remarks David Prystay, general manager of the resort.

Apparently it’s a good thing for Mr. Trump that neither Canadians nor parrots can vote in the United States.

American Hoarder Story: Cockatoos, Amazons, conures and cockatiels were among over 200 birds found in the 8- by 10-feet back room of a second hand store in Passaic, N.J. SPCA officials say that the owner of the store “got in over his head.” SPCA is being assisted by the Under My Wing bird rescue in rehabilitating and placing the birds.

“All of the birds, which include cockatiels, mourning doves, parrots and other birds, were pulled from the business Monday. All of the birds appeared to be in good health and no charges had been filed,?reports NBC New York. 

Parrot Trivia: Your parrot can beat you in a jalapeno pepper-eating contest, as parrots are the only species immune to the hot in hot peppers. When wild parrots “recycle” the seeds ingested in their diet, they propagate new pepper plants.

Parrot Fact: According to Sally Blanchard, most animals that live in darker areas have larger eyes to let in more light. Parrots with proportionately larger eyes live in habitats with dense foliage and parrots with smaller eyes usually evolved in areas where there is less protection from the bright sun.

Swift parrot news: A plan to help protect the swift parrots of Tasmania ?hich are under siege from predatory sugar glider opossums ?is two years overdue.

According to ABC Australia:

“The Federal Government allocated $300,000 for the Tasmanian Government to develop a strategic plan for the conservation of the swift parrot and its habitat in 2010.

The project was due to be completed in 2013 but there is still no final plan.?lt;/span>

Politics may be at play here, according to ABC. The logging industry wants to work in the swift parrot habitat, which doesn? help the birds any.

Head to a bird caf?lt;/strong> Want to pal around with a parrot (or kitten or rabbit) without the responsibilities of pet ownership? Visitors to Tokyo’s “animal cafes” can feed, pose for photos or take a walk through a roof top garden with an assortment of companion animals.

Fun Parrot Fact: The gang-gang cockatoo is the state bird emblem of the Australian Capital Territory.

The fifth in our state bird emblem countdown to Australia Day is the Gang-gang Cockatoo, the state bird emblem of the…

Posted by BirdLife Australia on Thursday, January 21, 2016

Go back to class!: The first free module for the AFA Avian Biology Classroom (ABC) program is up and ready for download under the Education tab at

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Concetta Ferragamo of Parrot Safari with a Moluccan cockatoo.

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